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What (not) to do if you need a new key fob

What (not) to do if you need a new key fob

AUTO REPAIR SERVICESSo you need a new key fob. you likely called the dealer and got shell shock. Now that you have recovered, you may be tempted to search online for a better deal. Buyer beware! there are a number of sellers online selling used keys as new, or they offer “new” keys that just need to be programmed.

Not so fast, many of these keys will never work. While some keys sold by the dealer do need to be programmed with the proper legal equipment just as many are ready to go as soon as you get them, plug and play.

To make matters worse, they are a number of unlicensed mobile repairers claiming they can “Make a new Key” and we have had several cars needing thousands of dollars in repairs to fix the attempt to get a car to start.

For a repair shop to properly and legally have access to the manufacturer key and lock codes we must pass a background check be insured and licensed as a locksmith. Some vehicle manufacturers will even restrict the sale of certain parts, keys or other items they consider theft relevant. This safety measure prevents keys and similar items from getting in the wrong hands. (remember gone in 60 seconds?)

What you can do:

  • Only deal with a reputable service provider that has the proper training, equipment, and license.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Do not fall for the online offers.
  • If a mobile provider offers to bypass security features or change the programming STOP, they are not the right company.
  • Protect your keys! We will soon use our smart devices to operate the vehicles until then protect your investment!

If you have any questions, let us know [email protected]

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