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Thrifty Road Safety Tips for Parents with a New Baby

Thrifty Road Safety Tips for Parents with a New Baby

AUTO REPAIR SERVICESOnce you’re expecting, you suddenly become acutely aware of all the dangers there are in the world; your child will need careful protection in every aspect of life. In prepping for baby’s safety today, however, it’s important that you don’t sacrifice saving funds for her future. Being thorough and budget-conscious is best.

With all that in mind, it doesn’t take long for new parents to realize that a car seat is only the beginning of protecting a little one while on the road. Here’s a quick parent’s guide to staying safe with a baby on board. The proper installation of the car seat is even more important than most people are aware of. Here is a link to the  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website with more information, including a link to where you can have your seat inspected before that first ride!

Technology Can Make Life Easier

Modern technology has adapted quickly to road safety and the needs of concerned, distracted, and sleep-deprived parents. Your smartphone is your best friend here, but only if you use it carefully, and if it’s up-to-date enough to handle the available tools.

Start with a high-quality device, like the Samsung Galaxy 10 line, but be sure to compare models to get the features that matter most to you. Whatever you choose, gear it up with an auto-lock mode like Android Auto, or aim for iPhone’s CarPlay if you’re an Apple family, and similarly lock your device when you hit the road. This way you ensure you can’t accidentally forget and poke your phone at a bad moment, and you avoid the distractions of incoming calls and texts.

From there, you can take advantage of all the great apps designed to help drivers stay focused. GPS can help you navigate safely to new locations, or while you are distracted by a fussy baby. Hands-free calling can help you make calls and summon help in emergencies. You can even use a music streaming service to play soothing music for the baby, so you don’t have to pull over to rock and sing.

Ready Your Ride

Just like you need to do some baby-proofing at home, it makes sense to prepare your car for your little one’s travels. Grab the vacuum cleaner, rent a steam cleaner, and make your car almost as spotless as a hospital room so your baby will have a clean environment to ride in. Then give your car the most intensive check-up of its vehicle life. Check your belts, fans, oil, tires, and so forth. Leave nothing to chance! If you aren’t comfortable doing it all yourself, you can always hire a pro to go over your vehicle for you. If you head to a local service provider, be sure they employ Certified Technicians, In this article from Angie’s List they discuss the importance of having your vehicle inspected during routine services, like oil changes. ,

When that’s all done, build yourself a complete schedule of all regular and scheduled maintenance that will keep your car in tip-top condition while it is the protective chariot for your infant. Remember your oil changes, your annual inspections, and your tire rotations. You will be sleep-deprived in the coming year, so set reminders and backup reminders to make sure it all gets taken care of, or add free, handy apps to your phone to track everything on your behalf.

Driving Safely with a Baby On Board

Whether you’re a Sunday driver or a speed demon on your daily commute, now is not the time for personal driving preferences. Exercise caution when you drive – watch your mirrors, never change lanes without looking, and don’t hit the gas the moment you get a green light. Brush up on your defensive driving skills, even go to a class if you need to. On top of being a good reminder, Insuramatch explains taking a class has the bonus of potentially lowering your insurance rates.

Being a new parent with a little one in the back seat can be a stressful situation. Make sure your car is in great condition and stays that way, and use technology to make your life easier. Moms and dads are wise to exercise caution, both with their funds and on the road.

Special thanks to our guest writer, Ashley McLean. Ashley can be reached at [email protected]

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