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Suspension Repair in Las Vegas, NV

The Frank’s European Service Advantage for Your Suspension Repair

Your vehicle’s suspension system helps to maximize the contact between the tires and the road. This provides stability, a must-have particularly when you are doing performance driving. Even if the most performance driving you do on a daily basis is commuting from Henderson to Summerlin, your suspension is still important. It provides a smooth, comfortable ride, and keeps you and your passengers from being jostled around. If you start to feel your ride worsen, or if your vehicle starts to shake or have other control issues, your suspension may be in need of repair and that’s when residents of Clark County turn to Frank's European Service.

Suspension Repair Experts

Whether you have a Volkswagen Passat with a suspension aimed at comfort, or a Mercedes-Benz C63 with the suspension tuned for maximum performance, you want a qualified ASE-Certified Master Technician to work on your vehicle. Our staff at Franks is not only trained to work on a variety of Asian and American models, but is also trained to work on specialized European models. They know how to work with all of the suspension components, including:

  • Shocks and struts
  • Air suspensions
  • Coil springs
  • Leaf springs
  • Torsion bars

Thorough Suspension System inspections and accurate testing

The suspension system works in concert with a number of other systems, so our trained technicians will do a thorough visual and mechanical inspection of all the possible sources of the problem. The suspensions system works with components such as the wheel and tires, the steering system, and the chassis, all of which can affect each others performance. Our team knows not to stop at the shocks and struts they will explore all possible causes of the problems.

Comprehensive and Overviews

Our transparent overviews will provide the customer with a clear picture of the needs of their vehicle. This includes immediate concerns, as well as long-term service goals. This means there will be no hidden costs, and that the customer will be able to have input on all potential repairs before anything is done to their vehicle.

No-Pressure Repair Recommendations

In addition to the overview of problem areas, our technicians will provide you with a recommendation of repairs, breaking down which ones are essential to the safe operations of your vehicle, and which ones are unnecessary at the moment. This allows the customer to make their repair decisions without the feeling that they are being pressured after all, we know what it is like to be pressured, and no customer should ever feel that way.

Repairs Performed with Quality Parts

Inferior replacements parts can lead to further visits to a repair shop, which is why we always use Original Equipment Manufacturer and high-quality aftermarket replacement parts. Many European models require unique components, so when we are choosing coil springs, bushings, and sway bars to replace the current ones, we want to make sure they are appropriate for your specific vehicle, whether its a Toyota or a Maybach.

Convenience and Benefits for Our Customers

  • Stress Free Financing
  • Golden Wrench Commitment to service
  • Monthly coupons available

At Frank's European Service, we provide concise, professional and friendly repair service for the Las Vegas region. Give us a call at (702) 365-9100 to set up an appointment, or fill out the appointment form on our website!

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