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North Las Vegas, NV

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Located adjacent to Las Vegas, North Las Vegas is a slightly smaller city, with roughly 227,000 residents. Unlike its shining, splashy neighbor, North Las Vegas is centered around manufacturing, warehouses, and other commercial businesses. Of course, it is also a city where folks want to play and spend time it is right next to Nellis Air Force Base and the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, while several mountain ranges surround the city.

North Las Vegas residents have plenty to do without needing to head south. There is an extensive parks and recreation system, covering more than 475 acres of the city. There are six pools spread out amongst the parks, and there are also three recreation centers that offer gyms, instruction rooms, and recreational and fitness classes. There is a trail system that is part of the Neon to Nature regional system. For residents pursuing more academic areas, the Nature Discovery Park and the three full-service libraries, considered as some of the best in the state, are within city limits, as are primary, secondary, and collegiate educational institutions.

North Las Vegas is fairly walkable, and has quality public transportation, but most residents would rather use four wheels to get around. To make sure they keep their cars on the road, they'll make the trip from North Las Vegas west to Frank's European Service. As a specialist in European vehicles, Frank's has been helping Las Vegas residents maintain their Audis, Volkswagens, and Jaguars for years, and we have a reputation for knowing these complex vehicles inside and out. In addition to these luxury vehicles, our ASE-Certified Master Technicians are also experience with Toyota, Honda, Dodge, and more!

The Advantages of Frank's European Service

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Our highly trained and reliable automotive service team at Frank's Auto Service, located only minutes from North Las Vegas, is ready to provide you with the high level of maintenance and service your vehicle deserves.

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