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Wheel Alignment and Repair in Las Vegas, NV

The Frank’s European Service Advantage for Your Wheel Alignment and Repair

Our roads could be a lot worse, but we're sure you’ve hit some nasty spots throughout North Las Vegas or Henderson. Uneven pavement and potholes can cause slight wheel misalignments, which can add up after a while. Even the slightest one can cause uneven tire wear, reduced drivability, and loss of fuel economy. Worst of all, you may not even notice that your wheels are out of alignment which is why you should bring your vehicle in for alignment checks on a regular basis.

Experts performing your wheel alignment

Our technicians at Frank's European Service are ASE-Certified Master Technicians, and can properly test and diagnose a need for wheel alignment, whether it is 2-wheel or 4-wheel alignment. They can measure the degree of change in our alignment, and provide you with a clear picture of what needs to be done to fix your symptoms. Not only do we provide clarity, we do it with a professional attitude our technicians know that customer service is just as important as making the correct diagnosis.

Thorough inspections and testing

Your wheel misalignment may be part of a larger issue after all, in any Audi or MINI, the wheels are simply part of a larger system. Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your wheel alignment using visual inspection along with advanced wheel alignment machines. We will also conduct a visual inspection of other parts of the suspension system, steering system, wheels and tires. This ensures that we detect any other faults that may be causing your wheels to come out of alignment.

Comprehensive and Honest Overviews

After inspection and testing, our technicians will provide a clear overview of the problems present, and the steps that can be taken to fix these problems. They will provide a printout, and will be able to provide you with a concise explanation of all test results and why certain steps may need to be taken.

Precision Wheel Alignments

Some shops may estimate or guess at proper wheel alignments. Each model and model year has different factory specifications, and not all service centers are accustomed to working on the vast variety of vehicles that we see here at Frank's European Service. We will use your years of experience, combined with the latest in computerized wheel alignment machines, to be precise in our alignments. This also allows us to provide you with a post-alignment printout that details the work done and the alignment settings we have given your vehicle.

Convenience and Benefits for Our Customers

  • Stress Free Financing
  • Golden Wrench Commitment to service
  • Monthly coupons available

At Frank's European Service, we provide concise, professional and friendly repair service for the Las Vegas region. Give us a call at (702) 365-9100 to set up an appointment, or fill out the appointment form on our website!

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