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5 Tips to Improve Fuel Economy


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5 Tips to Improve Fuel Economy

You’ve probably noticed, just as we have, that fuel economy is one of the most discussed aspects of car ownership. As more and more car owners become environmentally conscious and look to save on fuel costs, understanding ways to improve fuel efficiency becomes paramount.

In this blog, we reveal five actionable tips to enhance your car’s fuel economy. Come with us!

1. Regular Maintenance and Tune-ups

The Basics: Every car requires regular maintenance. Things like changing the engine oil, cleaning air filters, and ensuring spark plugs are working efficiently directly impact fuel economy. A car in prime condition consumes less fuel than one that’s been neglected.

Our Take: At Frank’s European Service, we’ve serviced countless cars and have seen firsthand how regular tune-ups can lead to significant fuel savings. A properly maintained car not only ensures better fuel economy but also guarantees a longer vehicle life.

2. Monitor Tire Pressure

The Basics: Tires play a pivotal role in how your car consumes fuel. Under-inflated tires create more rolling resistance, making the engine work harder and use more fuel. Over-inflated tires, while providing slightly better fuel economy, compromise on grip and safety.

Our Take: Checking your tire pressure at least once a month is a small task with big benefits. We also recommend getting your tires rotated regularly. This ensures even wear, which in turn, supports consistent fuel economy.

3. Mindful Driving Habits

The Basics: Abrupt starts, speeding, and aggressive driving can diminish your car’s fuel economy. Smooth acceleration, maintaining a consistent speed, and reading the road ahead to avoid unnecessary braking can significantly increase miles per gallon (mpg).

Our Take: Over the years, we have observed a direct correlation between driving habits and fuel consumption. Our advice? Be gentle on the pedal and remember that every time you brake hard, you’re literally burning money in wasted fuel.

4. Limit Excess Weight and Aerodynamic Drag

The Basics: Carrying excess weight, especially in smaller vehicles, can reduce fuel economy. Roof racks, especially if not in use, can also introduce aerodynamic drag, causing your vehicle to consume more fuel.

Our Take: It’s a common scenario – people leave unused golf clubs, tools, and other heavy items in their trunks for months. Lightening your load can improve fuel efficiency. And if you’re not using that roof rack? Take it off. If you’re unsure about what’s affecting your car’s aerodynamics, swing by Frank’s European Service. We’d be happy to help.

5. Use the Right Motor Oil

The Basics: Not every engine oil is made the same. Using the manufacturer-recommended oil grade ensures that your engine works optimally and consumes fuel efficiently.

Our Take: We’ve seen many car owners use the wrong motor oil, thinking they are all the same. At our auto shop, we ensure your car gets the right oil it needs. An engine running on the correct oil grade can significantly boost fuel economy.

In Conclusion

Improving your car’s fuel economy is not rocket science. With a few changes in habits and regular maintenance, you can see significant savings at the pump. 

Remember, when in doubt, or when your vehicle needs a check-up or service related to fuel economy, Frank’s European Service in Las Vegas, NV, is here to assist.

At Frank’s European Service, we pride ourselves on our expertise and our commitment to ensuring every car that comes into our shop receives the care it deserves. Schedule an appointment today, and meet our incredible ASE-Certified auto mechanics team. We are honored to serve generations of Las Vegas and Henderson area drivers and strive to provide the best possible customer service experience. Let us show you what top-shelf customer service feels like for you and your vehicle.

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