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Top 5 Tips To Make Holiday Road Trips Safer

Top 5 Tips To Make Holiday Road Trips Safer

Enjoy the Open Road

Road trips are a wonderful way to explore freedom and see outside our own limited worlds. Venturing into unexplored places and discovering new attractions, new delights is a wonderful way to pass the time.

If you need some advice on traveling this winter, Frank’s European has a few concerns we hope you will address, for your safety and your car’s longevity. Here are our Top 5 Tips To Make Holiday Roads Safer!

Do Your Research

Road trips can be dangerous when not properly researched. There are stretches of road in Kansas where gasoline is many miles apart. Fail to get gas at the right interval and you could be stranded. This is doubly true for electric vehicles; fast charging is not guaranteed in every off-ramp. And never take a trip without planning a few bathroom breaks. Know where you are going and what’s on the way, like toll booths and bad roads.

Check the Weather

If you have a nine-hour drive ahead of you and your enter a heavy rainstorm, your nine hours could turn to 12 if you find you need to pull over and let a monsoon go by so that you can see the road. Know what’s coming and plan accordingly!

Bring the Right Gear

Put away distractions. Make sure you have a reliable mount for your cell phone if you’re using it for directions. Don’t bring snacks that are hard to get to or that might give you problems with your driving.

It’s Better To Do Maintenance Before You Go Than After

Don’t skimp or put off anything vital to your car’s performance before you leave for your trip. If you know there’s a problem, get it taken care of before you leave.

Check Your Tires, Brakes, and Fluids

For some drivers, problems only exist once their dashboard tells them they exist. Be sure that all the fluids are topped off in your engine. Check the tread of your tires and make sure they are safe for your road trip. Test the brakes.

If you’ve got a road tip in the near future let us inspect your car! At Frank’s European Service, we deeply value our client’s trust. We are honored to serve generations of Las Vegas and Henderson area drivers and strive to provide the best possible customer service experience. Let us show you what top-shelf customer service feels like for you and your vehicle.

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